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Work Visas

There are a number of different work visas available for individuals who wish to enter the United States for work-related reasons. At Englett and Associates, we can provide assistance in obtaining all types of work visas, including:
B-1 Visas, or Temporary Business Visitor Visas, permit visitors from foreign countries to temporarily come to the U.S. for legitimate business, commercial and/or work-related purposes.

H-1B Visas for Professionals in Specialty Occupations are for professional immigrants that work in a field that requires special skills. To qualify, the applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and this degree must be required for the job they are applying for. In addition, there must be a sponsoring U.S. employer that is willing to hire the applicant temporarily, pay them the required wage and file a petition with immigration.
H-2B Visas for Seasonal Non-Agricultural Workers allows business owners to hire foreign workers to perform seasonal, intermittent or one-time only work that is of a non-agricultural nature. These business owners must first prove that they are unable to find qualified U.S. workers that are willing to do the job. Just like the H-1B Visa, the U.S. employer must sponsor the workers and be willing to pay them the required wage.

L Visas for Intra Company Transfers are for foreign-based executives, managers and employees with specialized skills that need to be transferred to a division, affiliate, subsidiary or parent branch of an international company within the U.S. The L Visa also provides a work permit for the spouse of the transferred foreign worker and can potentially lead to a green card.

O Visas for Persons of Extraordinary AbilityO-1A Visas are for scientists, business people, educators and athletes. O-1B Visas are for artistic individuals such as musicians, writers, singers, actors, artists, directors, photographers, etc.

P Visas for Professional Artists, Athletes and Entertainers have three categories. P-1 Visas are for those who wish to perform or compete in the Unites States at a specific event. P-2 Visas are for athletes and entertainers who are participating in a reciprocal exchange program, and P-3 Visas are for those wishing to perform, share, coach or teach their talent.

R Visas for Religious Workers are for foreign religious workers that wish to temporarily do work in the U.S. A person who is continually engaged in an activity that is related to a religious function, including but not limited to nuns, ministers, missionaries, etc. are considered religious workers.

TN Visas for Mexican and Canadian Workers are available to skilled workers from Canada and Mexico under the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). TN Visas are temporary work visas and are normally used by Canadian and Mexican workers to avoid the H1-B cap.

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