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Debt Harassment

Debt can make you feel trapped and alone. The longer your debt lasts, the worse it gets and quite often debt is accompanied by harassing behavior from creditors trying to collect. Many people who are subjected to debt harassment do not know it is illegal. However, when you are harassed by a creditor or a collector, you have every right to put an end to the abuse.

The Law Protects Consumers from Debt Collector Harassment

Federal laws protect people from creditor harassment. Some states also have laws that protect people against abuse from their creditors. In Florida, for example, the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act works to fight creditor harassment. This Act says that collection agencies must register with the state and limits the actions that they can take in order to collect debt from consumers.

The Federal Government also has laws in place that protect consumers from debt collector harassment. These laws are outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This important Act was created in 1978 and aside from offering consumers protection it clearly outlines which collection practices are illegal. Under the FDCPA, actions that can be considered harassment or abuse include:

a collector demanding that you pay more than you legally owe
a collector repeatedly contacting you at your place of employment against your or your employer’s will
a collector using profane or abusive language
a collector making verbal threats or threatening to take false legal action
a collector calling before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm
a collector contacting your family, friends, or neighbors and telling them about your debt
a collector continuing collection efforts after you have told the collector to stop
When a collector takes any such actions against you, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. Such behaviors can result in fines for the collectors and even financial awards for you.

Put an End to Debt Harassment Today

If you have been a victim of debt harassment, you don’t have to suffer any more. You can bring abusive creditors to justice and help prevent other people like you from being harassed by talking to the lawyers at Englett and Associates. We can help you seek justice from creditors that may have damaged to your reputation and your personal well-being. At Englett and Associates, we’ll help you determine if the actions taken against you qualify as debt harassment. If they do, we’ll inform you of your legal options and help you put an end to harassment permanently. Our harassment attorneys can also help you find the best way out of your debt. Our lawyers have worked with many people who have fallen into debt due to unforeseeable circumstance such as loss of employment or illness. Our aim is to find effective and permanent ways of resolving your debt so you can regain your financial security.

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